On Thursday evening, President Barack Obama will unveil his long-awaited immigration plan. The immigration plan will change rules governing deportations that could affect millions of undocumented immigrants. This very exciting news for Miami immigration lawyers, as well as Miami immigrant families.

What’s in the plan

While details of the plan have yet to be revealed, sources cite the following possible changes to our current immigration policy:

  • Allowing the parents of American citizens, who are undocumented immigrants themselves, to remain in the United States without the threat of deportation. This includes the parents of legal residents, but not the parents of children eligible for delayed deportation under a rule Obama enacted in 2012.
  • Up to 3.6 million people would be affected by that change. This figure may be smaller if President Obama’s announcement includes a minimum number of years spent in the country.
  • Extending the deportation deferment for immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. Altering the age restrictions on that action could allow hundreds of thousands more people to remain in the United States.
  • A stronger focus on deporting criminals who are undocumented immigrants
  • An expansion of worker visas in areas like technology.
  • New resources to bolster security on the border.
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