Organizations Supporting Immigrants in Austin

If you seek organizations supporting immigrants in Austin, TX, check out this list from experienced local immigration lawyer Michael G. Murray, P.C.

Immigration to the United States


Like the rest of the US, Austin, Texas welcomes immigrants from all over the world each year. This has resulted in a unique blend of cultures. The majority of Americans are in America as a result of their forefathers migrating and settling here.

With the ever-changing dynamics of the world in terms of conflict, civil unrest, and drought, more immigrants and asylum seekers have found their way into Austin. This influx of immigrants has necessitated a need for organizations to set up support services for these immigrants and help them settle into their new lives in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the current immigration laws have been criticized for being too strict, especially with immigrants from certain countries. These strict laws have made acquiring visas very hard. But, with the help of an experienced visa lawyer, you can get legal assistance in acquiring a temporary or permanent visa.

Austin’s Undocumented Immigrant Population


According to the Pew Research Center, Austin ranks at number 20 among U.S. cities with undocumented immigrants. This represents 100,000 immigrants out of 296,000 immigrants who live in Austin.

As a result of the availability of jobs and the presence of at least one of these immigrants’ relatives in Austin, this number is high. In addition, Austin does not comply with federal immigration requests, making it a “sanctuary city,” which contributes to the high number of undocumented immigrants.

How To Help Austin Immigrants


There are plenty of ways an individual can be of great use to assist immigrant families in Austin. Some will prefer to be vocal activists, while others prefer quieter ways. Other ways to help immigrants include:

  • Supporting organizations that directly support immigrants in Austin by donating money or volunteering your time and skills
  • Speaking out against oppressive immigrant laws and advocating for policy changes that honor the rights of human beings
  • Donating your old clothes and books to the immigrant children

Alternatively, you can refer immigrant families to an immigration lawyer in Austin who will provide top-notch legal representation and ease their transition into American society.

Getting Involved With Immigrants in Austin


Whether it’s to help immigrants based on human compassion or for any other reason, where can you lend a helping hand?

Many nonprofit organizations and charities assist immigrants in their quest for a better life in the US. Some even offer individuals the opportunity to offer their particular skills to benefit their cause.

All skill sets are welcome; doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and others often offer their assistance. Several people also volunteer to teach English classes since many refugees and immigrant newcomers don’t speak English.

Popular Austin Immigration Nonprofits and Charities


Several organizations serve immigrants in Austin, TX, but this list will focus on the most popular and those that serve immigrants in the surrounding areas.

Additionally, this list highlights organizations that assist undocumented immigrants, who make up about a third of Austin’s total immigrant population.

  1. The Southwest Key Programs is a nonprofit charitable organization that seeks to promote social service. A key benefit that they offer for immigrants is sheltering underserved immigrant children under 18 years. They work to reunite these children with their parents, guardians, relatives, or sponsors. They also ensure children are safe in their new homes in Austin.
  2. American Gateways, a commonly known nonprofit organization, has been helping immigrants since 1987. Apart from championing the human rights of immigrants, American Gateways also provides legal counsel to Austin immigrants.
  3. The Refugee And Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) is a nonprofit that mainly provides low-cost legal services to Austin immigrants. This organization focuses on changing the perception of immigration in the US.
  4. The Bernardo Kohler Center for Immigration is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping low-income immigrants who are at risk of becoming victims of crimes. In addition to supporting immigrants through the coordination of support programs, the center also assists immigrants seeking asylum or who have been trafficked into Austin.
  5. The Diocese of Austin seeks to raise awareness and educate people about respecting every immigrant as a human being. This program focuses on immigrants fleeing religious, economic, and political persecution.
  6. Casa Maraniella provides shelter and food to displaced immigrants as part of its nonprofit mission. Legal and medical resources are also available at Casa Marianella for immigrants. Casa Marianella also provides such services to Austin’s homeless population.
  7. The Equal Justice Center’s primary goal is to promote fair wage work and treatment for immigrants earning low incomes. Specifically, it helps young immigrants avoid deportation so they can remain productive members of society.
  8. The Multicultural Refugee Coalition seeks to provide refugees with fair wages and dignified employment. Multicultural Refugee Coalition offers sustainable farming opportunities for refugees by providing a community garden.
  9. The Refugee Services of Texas is a nonprofit organization that helps immigrants who have survived trafficking to settle into the community and become self-sufficient.

Michael G. Murray on Organizations To Help Immigrants


Michael G. Murray, P.A., based in Austin, TX, provides legal services related to immigration law, so you have found an attorney with extensive expertise in this field.

Aside from guiding you through the murky waters of immigration law, he will also advise you on all the support systems and organizations available to you as an immigrant to achieve self-sufficiency. Reach out today by calling (512) 215-4407.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Government Organization Deals With Immigrants?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) deals with lawful immigration. Other organizations, however, such as UNHCR, which deals with refugees, help resettle immigrants.

Who Can Host a Refugee family?

Anyone with lawful immigration status can sponsor a refugee, whether a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Hosts have several requirements, including financial viability, a clean record, and enough space to house them.

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