What Happens at Your Citizenship Interview?

>>What Happens at Your Citizenship Interview?
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The test for citizenship (also known as a “naturalization interview”) can be an overwhelming experience for anyone going through the immigration process. By understanding the process, you can be better prepared for this daunting task. Consulting with an attorney will also help you understand and protect your legal rights throughout the citizenship process. Experienced Austin immigration lawyer Michael G. Murray has helped many immigrants and their families successfully obtain citizenship. Call (512) 215-4407 today to schedule your consultation.

The Naturalization Interview

There are a few procedural steps that must occur before you can apply for citizenship. First, you must submit an application, including proof of lawful permanent residency. Next, you might need to attend a biometrics appointment. This allows Citizenship and Immigration Services to obtain fingerprints, photos, and signatures if needed. If this appointment is not needed, you will be advised when your application is accepted and you are able to schedule a naturalization interview. 

The Interview will begin with an interviewer taking you to a private cubicle or room. You will be asked to raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth. This is because there are legal consequences for failing to tell the truth during immigration proceedings. These can include denial of a citizenship application, removal from the country, or criminal charges of perjury. This is why it is critical to tell the full truth in all matters related to your immigration proceedings. It is also important to ask for clarification of any questions you do not fully understand. In some sad cases, a misunderstanding can be construed as intentional lying, and the federal government may attempt to deny legal immigration status – or even remove you from the country – because of a simple misunderstanding.

After the initial procedural matters are taken care of, the interviewer will administer the citizenship test. The Naturalization Interview actually consists of two separate tests: an English test (including reading, writing, and speaking) and a civics test (which covers United States history and government topics). United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has made practice civics tests available online. There are also many other online resources (such as study guides, YouTube videos, and discussions with successful citizenship applicants) that may be helpful in your preparations. There is also information online related to the English test. You might prefer to access community resources, such as local classes or tutors. The more information and preparation you access, the better prepared you will be for the test, and the less overwhelming the whole experience will be.

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Don’t wait to seek legal advice about your citizenship rights. This process is too important to leave to chance, and a lawyer can improve your chances of having a successful citizenship petition. It is also important to seek legal advice as early in the process as possible. Errors can cause significant delays – sometimes years of waiting. Schedule your consultation with an immigration lawyer in Austin by calling (512) 215-4407 or contacting us online today.

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