Protect Your Immigrant Loved Ones By Preparing For the Worst

>>Protect Your Immigrant Loved Ones By Preparing For the Worst
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Undocumented immigrant families need to make emergency plans in case the unthinkable happens. With frequently changing immigration policies today, your status or that of a loved one stands a greater risk of being affected.  If you or a loved one is deported or detained, you need to think about how that will affect the rest of your family.

You should take steps to prepare, including speaking with an Austin immigration attorney.  Below are just a few suggestions you can use to create your emergency plan.

Consider your child care options.

One of the scariest possibilities is that your children will be left without someone to care for them. You should plan for a trusted adult to take care of your child if you cannot. Be sure this adult has emergency numbers and essential contact and medical information.

Documenting that you authorize someone to care for your children can be helpful from a legal perspective as well. An immigration lawyer in Austin can help you with this process.

Let children and caretakers know where relevant documents are located.

If children are old enough, you should tell them where vital documents, such as their birth certificates and passports, are located. Having this information will help protect them should any issues arise. Be sure to keep these documents in a safe place that is also accessible quickly if necessary. Let your designated caretaker know this information as well.

Know your rights.

Although it may not seem like it at times, everyone in the United States has rights, even those who are considered undocumented. Be sure that you, loved ones, friends, and neighbors are aware of your rights to remain silent and what to do if ICE comes to your home or workplace. A deportation lawyer will be able to walk through these rights with you and ensure that you know what to do in an emergency situation.

Learn more about your immigration options.

Even if you are considered undocumented, you can take steps to become legally present in the United States in most circumstances. An Austin immigration lawyer will be able to examine your situation and recommend your next steps. You owe it to your family to at least learn about your options.

An experienced lawyer can be an invaluable resource in these uncertain times. Contact Michael G. Murray, P.A., an immigration lawyer in AustinAbogados de Inmigracion en Austin TX– for more information.

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